History of Wiper Blade

How were windshield wipers invented?
The windshield wiper was first invented in 1910. The first regular production automobiles had been on the roads since 1900, which means that cars were driving on roads in all kinds of weather for at least ten years without windshield wipers!The idea for windshield wipers was born when the President of the Trico company in the United States was driving his car on a rainy day and, unable to see the road well because of the weather, he hit a boy on a bicycle. Though the boy was not hurt badly, the driver was considerably shaken by the experience. It was his shock at the danger of driving without seeing the road properly that brought about the birth of windshield wipers.

But a number of different methods were tried before the motor-driven wiper systems we are familiar with today came about. The initial windshield wiper design was one in which a rubber blade on the windshield was rotated manually. While this allowed the windshield to be cleared and forward vision improved, the operator’s hand soon tired, and the design was abandoned. The next design was powered by a vacuum driven pump. Unfortunately this design was plagued by the fact that its speed of operation changed with the speed of the vehicle. This failure finally led to the attachment of a motor to the wiper arm, which is essentially the one still in use today.

Manual type 
Vacuum driven pump
Motor driven


SPEED WIPER BLADE(1960s to 1970s)
Appearance in 1968, it used wire to help with wind resistance. This solved the problem of windshield wiper blades being pulled away the window in high winds. Mazda Luce ( Cosmo) was the first vehicle to use speed blades.

Slim Wiper Blade (1970s to 1980s)
It was developed in 1976. With the slim wiper blade came more wind resistance and it was improved to help reduce glare. The coloring also went from silver to the standard black of modern times.

Tournament Wiper Blade ( From 1980s)
Introduced after 1980, it showed significant change which handled better at high speed. It was made to apply equal pressure to all parts of the windshield to avoid streaking . Wipers today are based around this design.

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